​Newly Qualified Nurses: Why Out-of-Hours is a Smart Career Move

​Nursing is a fantastic career choice that offers many different paths to employment. With patient care at the heart of the role, nursing is one of the most important elements of the NHS. After qualifying from nursing, you’ll have several options ahead of you to help you learn about the different areas of nursing.

If you’re looking for a career that is flexible whilst offering different kinds of challenges to a role in A&E or a GP surgery, then you might want to consider working out-of-hours. As a smart career move, out-of-hours working could be a fantastic way to start your nursing career.

Career options for newly-qualified nurses

Newly-qualified nurses have a range of career options after completing their nursing degrees. From working in specific medical departments to focusing on community or children’s nursing, there are many different routes you can take.

Working for the NHS is a rewarding career choice that offers many benefits to staff. There are plenty of opportunities for training and progression, in addition to enhancements for overtime, shift work and out-of-hours positions.

About out of hours working

Out-of-hours services are important elements of healthcare. They provide patients with health services and urgent care clinics during evenings and weekends without them having to call 999. Out-of-hours appointments are provided through the NHS 111 service, where patients are diverted to the most relevant and appropriate care solutions.

There are several key benefits associated with out-of-hours working. The 111 system means that appointments are largely reserved for urgent patients, meaning that those suffering from common conditions are advised to book a regular GP appointment, visit a pharmacist or treat themselves at home. With a heavy focus on triage, it can provide a change of pace to typical GP practice workloads.

More flexible working

Out-of-hours working patterns allow newly-qualified nurses the chance to enjoy more flexible hours, and avoid some of the stress that’s causing nursing vacancies to rise. Out-of-hours teams can enjoy a great working relationship, providing different workloads and challenges compared to regular in-hours practices.

Working out-of-hours is ideal if you need more flexibility with your hours. Shifts will be set, and while you’ll likely be working weekends, you’ll have days off during the week that can help with childcare and other benefits for your personal life.

Demand for out of hours nurses

As the NHS looks to strengthen its out-of-hours offering as part of the NHS Long Term Plan, there is rising demand for out-of-hours nurses. In East Berkshire, you’ll find several out of hours nursing vacancies for newly-qualified nurses.

While people often discuss the stress and strain faced by nurses and doctors during their first years on the job, choosing out-of-hours work can provide a much gentler induction to healthcare. Take a look at our latest nursing jobs for more information.