​GP Connect: Everything You Need to Know

​This week has seen a significant step for the future of healthcare with the launch of GP Connect in Leeds. The eagerly-awaited platform, an initiative of NHS Digital, provides digital patient record access to GP practices and other clinical staff. This will provide easier link-ups between hospitals and GPs, providing beneficial data about all patients.

The launch of GP Connect

GP Connect is a service that will change the way that GPs and authorised clinical staff access patient data. The system allows doctors to access patient information when they need it, improving patient care and making processes simpler.

Leeds is the first city to have launched the service, providing all GP practices in the city with patient information via the GP Connect platform. It will provide hospitals and GP practices with patient records, allowing them to make better decisions around care and improve waiting times amongst other improvements.

The benefits of GP Connect

GP Connect is a service that has been long-awaited by GPs and healthcare professionals. Its aims are to make patient care quicker, more efficient, and more convenient for patients. It is being used as part of the NHS England’s Improving Access To General Practice programme that’s designed to change the way patients access healthcare, and includes evening and weekend appointments, as well as improved access to out of hours and urgent care services.

The service will provide more informed patient care, allowing doctors to access the information they need to make quicker decisions. It will also save time on administration and make patient records more secure. Providing a fully-integrated system, it will make the link between hospitals and primary care much better for both patients and staff.

The platform will also be used to manage patient appointments, facilitating doctors’ views of structured medications and allergies information. The recent launch has been heralded as an exciting development, with other cities due to follow suit once the pilot is complete.

Changing the future of general practice?

Having better access to patient records has long been on the wishlist of medical professionals. Plans to transform the NHS over the coming years through the NHS Long Term Plan have put a strong emphasis on digital services, providing patients with better care and allowing more flexible services. GP Connect will provide more secure data protection in the light of GDPR and will provide GPs with the tech solutions that are desperately needed.

There have been a number of big announcements already in 2019 that are paving the way for a better, more efficient NHS. With additional funding for general practice expected to bring much change to the sector, it is hoped that GPs will soon see a solution to the growing workloads that have been a threat to the profession in recent years.

It is hoped that GP Connect will provide a huge boost to GPs, and improve the provision of out of hours services. If you’re interested in finding out more about working out of hours, check out the latest vacancies in East Berkshire or on our jobs pages.