What Are The Biggest Threats Facing Nursing?

It’s no secret that there are several threats currently facing nursing. From pressures on the wards to a decline in the number of those applying for nursing applications – there are many threats to nursing at present. As the NHS turns 70, is it time to tackle these issues and help future generations see the benefits of a career in nursing?

What threats to nursing exist?

While places at universities have long been competitive, a surprising revelation in recent years has been the fact that nursing degree applications are falling. The key reason behind the decline is the result of the end of NHS bursaries, which has previously provided funding for those studying nursing and other professions. Increased university fees and little financial support, especially for postgraduate nurses, means that there are now more places that need to be filled.

Pay and few rewards – how can it be resolved?

Nursing pay has been a huge concern for the industry in recent years. While unions recently voted to accept what’s been called the ‘biggest nursing pay rise for a decade’, pay has continued to be a reason why many nurses are leaving the profession. Coupled with challenging working conditions due to stretched NHS services, many nurses are leaving their jobs and seeking employment elsewhere. While the current deal will see increases for the next three years, only 10% of union membership turned out to vote. Those who voted against the proposals claimed that the increase could benefit the immediate future, but might not be enough if things were to change over the next three years.

Developments in technology and a greater emphasis on self-care could be solutions to resolving over-crowded wards, etc. but it’s essential that health boards make use of these developments to ease the strain on healthcare professionals.

Nursing vacancies – ready to be filled by the next generation?

There are currently more than 1 in 10 nursing vacancies left unfilled. This has led to calls which will make it easier for overseas nurses to work in the UK, to help cope with pressures on the wards. Meanwhile, the NHS has unveiled a major new recruitment drive that is hoped will encourage future generations to apply for a role in nursing. With fewer people competing for university places, a career in nursing could be an attractive option for school leavers looking for their future career.

Out of hours – a change of pace for nurses?

Nurses fed-up with their current positions might want to consider switching to out of hours. Out of hours offers several benefits to both nurses and doctors looking for a change of pace, different challenges, and an improved lifestyle.

Out of hours focuses less on regular patient care and instead deals with one-off cases, meaning there’s less paperwork to file and a range of diagnostic challenges. Providing urgent treatment and advice can enhance your skills and help renew interest in the role.

East Berkshire Primary Care Out Of Hours Services has many vacancies for nurses looking to take on a fantastic new role in out of hours care. Visit our jobs page for the latest vacancies and to make an application for out of hours nursing jobs that can present you with a new and exciting direction for your nursing career. While threats to nursing are a concern to the industry, there are still some incredible opportunities out there for those with an interest in the profession.