International Nurses Day – Recognising Our Nurses

Today is globally-recognised as International Nurses Day. Organised by the International Council of Nurses, International Nurses Day aims to celebrate the significant societal contribution that nurses make around the world. Each year, the day is celebrated with a candle lamp service in Westminster Abbey, as well as in healthcare institutions around the world.

Whilst we would all agree that nurses should be appreciated every day of the year, this event is important as it officially recognises the amazing work that nurses do, especially in the high-pressure healthcare environment of the present day.

International Nurses Day is aptly held on the birthday of one the world’s most well-known nurses of history – Florence Nightingale. Each year the event aims to support and lift up nurses from around the world, who all serve unique and instrumental roles in maintaining the health, safety and general wellbeing of their communities.

This year, the Royal College of Nurses has created a campaign called #ThisNurse, encouraging nurses to share all of the important things they do in their careers. Through nurses sharing their stories, the campaign hopes to use International Nurses Day to raise awareness of the impact nursing professionals have on their communities. That might be through nurses supporting young people affected by gangs, rehabilitating ex-convicts, supporting older members of the community with dementia, or providing essential care for those with chronic diseases or mental illnesses.


Why is International Nurses Day so important?

International Nurses Day is more than just a celebration. It is also an opportunity to show support to nursing teams, who are often under pressure – whether it be due to overstretched services or a lack of resources. The International Council of Nurses uses the event to educate and assist healthcare workers globally, with a new focus each year.

In the past, their International Nurses Day Kits have centred around working with underprivileged communities, ensuring equal access to care, preventing AIDS and maintaining sustainable development. This initiative is essential in a climate where healthcare cuts are being made globally, so these forms of mentoring resources may not be provided to nurses as a standard part of the training process.

This year, the ICN has chosen their theme as “Nurses as a Voice to Lead: Health is a Human Right”. Through this campaign, they argue that no matter the location, no matter the setting, healthcare should be accessible to all.

The awareness day is also fundamental in advocating for better treatment of nurses themselves, who are required to provide increasingly complex individualised patient care to thousands of individuals. It’s also about airing and addressing the improvements that could be made within the global nursing sector, both for the sake of patients and nurses themselves. Whether this be increasing the availability of flexible working hours for nurses with families or providing increased mentoring support.

Most importantly, International Nurses Day is an opportunity to praise and thank nurses for the incredible contribution their make to society. If you are a nurse in the Berkshire area, and are looking for a new opportunity – one that fits around your lifestyle and family commitments – why not consider out of hours nursing work? There are many opportunities to serve patients who require care out of surgery hours, in a job that works for you. Contact us today on 03000 243 333 to find out more or take a look at our list of vacancies.