Receptionist Interview Questions – What Are They Likely To Ask You?

Have you recently been selected for an interview for a receptionist job? Congratulations! You’re now one step closer to landing the role. Preparing for a job interview isn’t easy, and if you’re nervous or not experienced in interviews it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Get help to nail your receptionist interview questions with this guide to the sorts of things you might be asked, and how you should go about answering them.


Receptionist interview questions – what are you likely to be asked?


“Tell us about your previous experience”

While this is a standard question for any interview, it’s always daunting as you try to pick up on the points of your previous experience that are most relevant to the job you’re interviewing for. Whether you have receptionist experience or not, try to answer by focusing on the skills that you have that the interviewer will most likely be looking for. Some of the skills a good receptionist needs to possess are good customer service, clear communication and being able to stay calm under pressure. Think of situations where you’ve shown these transferable skills to help give the interviewer a clearer idea of whether or not you’d be right for the job.


“Tell us about a time where you had to resolve a situation with an upset or angry individual”

You never know who you might deal with as a receptionist, and while the majority of people will be calm and polite, you might find yourself dealing with the occasional frustrated person, particularly in the healthcare industry. This question looks to test how you would handle these situations, and whether or not you have the confidence to manage these situations. Think of a time where you’ve had to keep calm to resolve a difficult situation to show that you can manage these types of problems if they were to present themselves.


“How do you organise your daily schedule?”

Being organised is an important part of being a receptionist. You’ll need to be able to handle diary appointments, deal with competing priorities and make sure that daily to-do lists gets tackled. Talk about the things you do that help you to stay on track, any processes you use and how you prioritise your workload to help demonstrate your organisational skills.


“What experience do you have of using different software?”

Being a receptionist requires a good working knowledge of various computer programmes that will be necessary to carry out your job. Outline the different programmes that you know how to use, such as Microsoft Office and the situations you’ve used them in. If during your receptionist interview, you’re asked about software that you’re not familiar with – don’t be afraid to ask more about it. You might find that the software is similar to something that you’ve used in the past or you can explain that you’re willing to learn in order to fulfil your duties.


“How do you handle confidential or sensitive information?”

Working in a receptionist role often requires you to handle sensitive or even confidential information. When faced with this question, you’ll need to demonstrate that you can be discreet and that you respect rules and processes around privacy to ensure that information stays secure.


“How do you multi-task?”

Multi-tasking is the norm for a receptionist. New tasks can appear at the drop of a hat and your to-do list can soon become full. You therefore need to be able to explain how you manage your workload and what systems you use to make sure your work gets completed without compromising on quality. You might also want to demonstrate your flexibility and how this can help with overcoming heavy workloads, alongside showing a willingness to work extra hours where needed.


“What value can you bring to the team?”

Here is your chance to really show off your skills and personality in order to demonstrate why you’re the right person for the job. Be confident and enthusiastic about your skills. This could also be an opportunity to discuss any interests you might have and why they might be valuable to the team.

The best way to prepare for your receptionist interview questions is by anticipating what they’re likely to ask you and having your answers ready. Ask yourself the questions above or get someone else to ask them to help you form an appropriate response so that you can feel confident during your interview.

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