The EBPC Guide to Nursing – Part 2

One of the great things about a nursing career is the multiple options that are available to you once you have completed your course of study. While many graduates work in a hospital setting, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other great opportunities out there.

Once you have successfully completed your nursing degree and registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), there are many areas you can work in: nursing is not just limited to hospitals. Once registered, nurses typically work either for the NHS or in the private sector. Any extra qualifications you obtain once you have registered your degree can be added to the NMC register (for a small fee) – note that there are certain timelines you must adhere to when registering your qualifications before you have to take them again.

Nursing career – What options are there?

There are many jobs within the private sector, and NHS that qualified and registered nurses are able to work in, including:

Adult nursing; communities; classrooms/school nurse; the military; workplace/occupational settings; GP surgeries; women’s health nursing; voluntary organisations; leisure cruise companies as well as management and leadership roles.

Some of these require further training such as masters or doctoral degrees (for example, emergency nurse practitioners, or advanced clinical practice nurses). Often, your employer will provide further training and study, seeing as the field of medicine is constantly changing and new procedures and medicines are always developing.

We’ll take a look at just a handful of the avenues you can go down to further your career and specialisation as a nurse once you have registered.

Learning disabilities nurse

This role will often involve living in a community or supported-living situation. You will help the families of patients with learning disabilities take breaks and manage their lives better. There is a big focus on community involvement in this role, as you will often be liaising with other community workers such as developing healthcare reviews and care plans with other workers at the same level.

Academic nurse writer

If you have a knack for words, and a passion for your industry, this may be the perfect next step for your nursing career. Academic nurse writers author chapters, or whole textbooks used for educating up-coming nurses. This career does not require any further qualifications than your nursing degree.

School nurse

To become a school nurse, which involves working with children in an academic setting, you will need your nursing degree along with two years’ experience as a qualified nurse. You’ll also need to take a Nursing and Midwifery Council course in Specialist Community Public Health Nursing, which takes one-year full time to complete.

Care home nurse

One of the nice things about care home nursing is the continued contact with your patients. Compared to a hospital lifestyle, where patients come and go, care home patients live at the centre, enabling strong bonds and connections to be made between patients and nurses. If you trained in adult nursing, and want a position away from the hospital setting, this could be the path for you.

Prison nurse

This may sound like a daunting job title, but it can be very rewarding! Prison nurses are either employed by the NHS or directly by the prison. Often, in this setting, you will encounter more patients with mental health and addiction issues. Training in adult or mental health issues is therefore preferred for this job, and extra training is often provided in the form of healthcare manager leadership training and transcultural healthcare training.


Normally, a midwifery course in the UK takes three years to complete. However, if you hold a degree in nursing, you are eligible to complete a shortened eighteen-month course.

There are, of course, many other avenues you can go down to further your qualifications after registering. We have a large number of nursing jobs currently available at various locations across East Berkshire. To find out more or apply, please visit our jobs page for more information.