What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Healthcare Assistant?

Working in the healthcare industry is an incredibly rewarding career path to follow. If you have a caring personality and like helping people, and thrive in fast-paced working environments, then you may wish to consider becoming a Healthcare Assistant.

Contrary to popular belief, becoming a Healthcare Assistant doesn’t necessarily mean hours of study. While it would be beneficial to have some work experience within a Healthcare position, as it can be a competitive industry, it is also a broad field with a diverse range of roles, meaning that applicants with standard qualifications can also apply.


The benefits of working as a healthcare assistant

If becoming a Healthcare Assistant sounds like an interesting career choice, you may want to consider the benefits of working in the Healthcare Industry that prove that this is a career path worth following.


It’s an increasingly expanding industry

There are approximately 1.7 million workers in the NHS across the UK, making it one of the top five employers in the world; there are even more job roles available in healthcare if you consider the private sector, too.

The need for healthcare professionals is constantly in demand. In the next 25 years, the population of the UK is set to rise by nearly 10 million, and so the number of people who require care shows no sign of stopping. Moreover, as the nation’s elderly are living better quality lives with increased longevity thanks to breakthroughs in medicine and living conditions, they will also require healthcare in greater quantities, as well as care in their retirement age. This could be in a residential home or simply through extended use of their local GP practice.

A major benefit of the growing demand for Healthcare Assistants is that employers may offer on-site training and personal development opportunities to help expand employees knowledge and help them gain more experience and qualifications to allow them to hone their skills into a specific branch of Healthcare that interests them the most.


No two days are the same

Many people struggle to work in a nine-to-five office environment as often they find that the job lacks stimulation and is unrewarding. However, one of the benefits of working as a Healthcare Assistant is that the role can be incredibly diverse regarding daily responsibilities.

You will need good problem solving abilities, and while you might have tasks to complete as an individual, you will need to feel confident working in a team-based environment too. While this may seem intimidating at first, it will be incredibly satisfying when you reach your goals as a team, and you will gain more from your job through working with people from all walks of life.

If you choose to work privately, you will also find that the role can be more accommodating to your personal schedule, and your employer will fit your working hours around you.


You’ll get the ultimate job satisfaction

One of the major benefits of working as a Healthcare Assistant is that it allows you to earn a living whilst simultaneously making a difference in peoples’ lives. Whichever branch of healthcare you choose to work in, whether that be privately or within the NHS, you will find it incredibly rewarding.

Not only will you be helping patients and residents on a daily basis, but you will also be helping your colleagues to complete their work, as well as aiding them during group tasks. This can be incredibly gratifying, adding to your job satisfaction in a way that differs from an office environment.

While you may find your job as a Healthcare Assistant tough at first as there can be a lot to take on board, once you settle within your position you will find it to be a very rewarding role with great job satisfaction.


Become a Healthcare Assistant at EBPCOOHS

We are currently recruiting healthcare assistants for a number of positions across East Berkshire. If you are looking for an exciting new role and a fresh challenge, you can apply for the position here.