Family Access To Out of Hours Care – How Are We Doing?

In our recent survey of GPs who work with East Berkshire Primary Care (EBPC) Out of Hours Service we were delighted to see that 100% of the doctors surveyed said they would be happy for their own family to use the service.

This is a fantastic vote of confidence, especially given that providing out of hours family access to GP services is one of our top priorities. In this article we dig into exactly what it is about EBPC Out of Hours Service that has inspired such confidence in our own GPs.

Clinical standards

One issue highlighted by the survey was that more that 95% of respondents said they were happy with the level of clinical care they were able to provide to patients through EBPC out of hours service. In addition, over 98% said they felt the service offered was safe, showing that our GPs have a high level of confidence in the service they are able to offer with EBPC.

These strong results on the quality of our clinical standards shows exactly why all of the GPs surveyed were happy for their family to use EBPC Out of Hours service.

Excellent service

GPs in the survey also spoke about the “wonderful care” EBPC offers and a sense of “a real team spirit”. This is something we have a strong focus on as we believe fostering team spirit ultimately leads to the best possible standards of care and an all round excellent service.

By providing a supportive, flexible environment for our GPs, with strong communication between management and team members, we have been able to create a real sense of team spirit. This translates to better care for patients and a better service in general.


One of the big advantages of providing out of hours family access to GPs is the convenience factor. Many people find standard GP hours difficult to fit around their schedule, with work and school often clashing with the times GPs are available. Our Out of Hours service means GPs are available when it is convenient to families, allowing them to access care faster and more flexibly.

At EBPC, we are committed to offering the best possible cover with our Out of Hours service, so patients can access a GP at the widest range of times. This is especially popular with families where both parents are working full time and helps to ensure all members of a family can access GP services when they need them, leading to better results all round.

To find out first-hand what it’s like to work as an out of hour GP at EBPC, please visit our blog and take a look at our GP Experience accounts.

Find flexible work providing out of hours family access to GP services

East Berkshire Primary Care (EBPC) Out of Hours Service is a non-profit social enterprise supplying NHS services for East Berkshire Clinical Commissioning Groups covering Bracknell Forest, Slough, Windsor, Ascot and Maidenhead. Our core services include urgent out-of-hours medical care provided with the support of locum GPs.

At EBPC we are determined to offer the best out of hours family access to GP services possible. We believe that a key way to achieve this is by creating a supportive work environment for the doctors who work with us. As such we were really pleased that the GP survey also found 95% approval for EBPC management alongside the over 95% approval for our levels of clinical care. This helps to confirm that by providing the right support to our GPs, we can offer a first rate service to our patients.

To find out more about working as an out-of-hours GP with EBPC, please get in touch or feel free to take a look at our latest job opportunities.