The EBPC GP Experience: Dr Nikhil Chopra

As part of our series looking at the experiences of EBPC GPs, this week we hear from Dr Nikhil Chopra on his thoughts on working as an out of hours GP for EBPC.


Having worked at some other local out of hours services in the recent past, I found them to be unsupportive, disorganised and very impersonal. I was therefore thrilled when I came across EBPCOOH. The staff have made all elements of the job so easy and I couldn’t recommend another organisation highly enough.

Some of EBPCOOH’s main strengths include:

  • Quick and easy enrolment to the organisation
  • Regular available work
  • Frequent updates for the availability of last minute shifts
  • Good effort made to ensure there is good cover for shifts
  • Quick payment for work done
  • CPD related event organisation
  • Professional and comfortable working environments
  • Fantastic reception staff for support during shifts

Working out of hours is not always easy. However, working within an organisation that recognises the difficulties, makes provisions to improve the working environment, and provides support to the clinical staff, cannot be underestimated. EBPCOOH has made every effort to engage with their doctors, and they are flexible in allowing their doctors to help with last minute shifts to make sure that shifts are covered.

In previous organisations I have worked in, shifts are not always covered. This means that doctors working on particular shifts are left to cover huge workloads. Not only does this put pressure on the doctors, but it decreases the enjoyment of the work and increases the chances of mistakes. In addition, the feeling of not being valued and respected by an organisation has been a common scenario for doctors working in the NHS, especially those who work in the out of hours provision. Luckily, EBPCOOH has not followed this path. Instead, they have provided an outlet for their doctors, where they can enjoy their work, feel supported, work at a good pace and certainly feel valued.

I could not recommend EBPCOOH highly enough and will continue to work for them into the future.

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