GP Patient Safety – A Top Priority For GPs At EBPC

It should come as no surprise that GP patient safety is something we take extremely seriously at East Berkshire Primary Care (EBPC). To make sure we are offering the very best possible service and level of care to our patients, we recently commissioned an independent survey of our GPs to find out what they think of working for EBPC.

We were extremely pleased to find that over 98% of GPs contacted agreed that the service we offer at EBPC is safe for patients. Perhaps most tellingly, every single respondent said they would be happy for a member of their own family to use the service.

There are several key elements of our overall strategy that helps us maintain such excellent standards for GP patient safety. For those wondering how we manage it, or for any GPs who are considering joining our team of out of hours GPs, please read on.



93.5% of our GPs surveyed said they felt EBPC was well led. This is arguably the key element of our overall strategy for patient safety and general clinical excellence. Without the right leadership, it is virtually impossible to maintain high standards, so it is very encouraging to see that our doctors rated us so highly in this regard.

Our CEO was described as “extremely approachable and supportive” which illustrates exactly what makes our approach to leadership so successful. We believe that creating a culture where our GPs feel comfortable to talk to managers at all levels about any potential issues or ideas they have for improving our service is absolutely vital for ensuring we continue to improve and boost the quality of our service and care.



Communication is also absolutely vital, so it is a very positive sign that 93.5% of our doctors feel communications between EBPC and themselves is good. One GP stated “I have always been kept well informed” which shows one of the main reasons our service continues to work so effectively.

Guaranteeing that doctors have the right information and know exactly what is expected from them is crucial to providing a consistent service with the highest levels of patient care and safety. This is something EBPC is clearly doing well based on the survey responses.

Another GP stated in response to the survey: “I feel that I can discuss difficulties”. This is one of the other key elements of our successful communication strategy – making sure our doctors know that any problems they identify will be taken on board and dealt with. This is absolutely vital as, no matter how hard we try, there will always be issues that arise. By maintaining good communications with our staff, however, those issues can be quickly identified and dealt with, minimising the potential impact on patient safety.


Continual learning and professional development

Our GPs are continually learning and improving their skills and knowledge, which is something we make every effort to facilitate at EBPC. This includes helping doctors to access resources and funding, where available and appropriate, to make sure they have the very best training for their continual development.

We also strongly believe in initiatives like Sign Up to Safety which encourage GPs to learn about and maintain the best possible standards for patient safety. This kind of NHS wide effort is really important for ensuring every patient receives the same high level of care no matter where they are.


Join a healthcare team that excels in GP patient safety

East Berkshire Primary Care (EBPC) Out of Hours Service is a non-profit social enterprise. We provide NHS services including urgent out-of-hours medical care for East Berkshire Clinical Commissioning Groups covering Bracknell Forest, Slough, Windsor, Ascot and Maidenhead.

GP patient safety is of the highest priority to all of our staff, which is why the strongly positive results from our recent survey are extremely welcome news. We also scored highly on the quality of our management (over 95% approval) and overall levels of clinical care (again, over 95% approval).

Our clear focus on maintaining the very highest standards is just one of reasons so many GPs continue to work with EBPC year after year. We also pride ourselves on providing a supportive, respectful and flexible working environment for our doctors, perfect for those seeking a better work-life balance and increased job satisfaction.

To find out more about working as an out-of-hours GP with EBPC, please get in touch or feel free to take a look at our latest job opportunities.