Support for GPs – What We Offer

NHS England have introduced a new NHS GP Health Service to help improve mental health support for GPs.

Launched in January 2017, the new service is intended to be part of a wider package of support being made available to GPs suffering from issues such as depression, stress and addiction. Up to £19.5 million in funding has been made available over five years to run the service.

The new service will be provided by The Hurley Clinic Partnership and is aimed at improving the health of GPs and overall resilience of the workforce. This is especially relevant in light of the recent push by the government to provide GP appointments 7 days a week.


Support offered by NHS GP Health Service

The new NHS GP Health Service will offer the following to GPs in England:

  • A free confidential service
  • Support from specialist mental health professionals trained in working with GPs
  • A national phone line, website and app
  • Self-referrals
  • Treatment across all 13 localities in England
  • A choice of premises across local services for ease of access and to ensure anonymity

The service will be available to all general practitioners and GP Trainees registered on the National Performers List in England and any GP or GP trainee who has taken a leave of absence and is looking to return to clinical practice.


What kind of help will be available?

The service is intended to help GPs dealing with a wide range of mental health issues. These include:

  • Common and more complex mental health issues
  • Substance misuse
  • Rehabilitation and support for returning to work after a mental health related absence

Available treatments will include:

  • General psychiatric support and treatment
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Mindfulness
  • Brief psychotherapy
  • Group therapy

The service will also help point GPs towards other relevant services, such as:

  • Financial support
  • Personal support
  • Support relating to regulatory and performance issues
  • Legal and indemnity support
  • Return to practice support

Why EBPC is a leader in GP support

East Berkshire Primary Care (EBPC) recently commissioned an independent survey of our GPs so we could find out what our doctors think about the level of support and leadership they are receiving.

We were very happy to find that 93.55% of our GPs surveyed felt EBPC is well led and 95.2% reported being well supported by management. Communications between management and doctors was considered good by 93.55% of our GPs.

Levels of clinical care and patient safety were also rated highly by the GPs contacted, with 95.17% saying they can provide the level of clinical care they would wish to and 98.4% feeling the service offered to patients is safe.

This level of satisfaction amongst our GPs was reflected in the fact that over a third of respondents had worked for EBPC for over five years.

Individual comments from our GPs include:


“This is the best out of hours service in the South East of England that I have worked in.”


“EBPC managers have a hands on approach and are available knowledgeable and supportive.”


Work for a healthcare team offering outstanding support for GPs

East Berkshire Primary Care Out of Hours Service (EBPC) provides NHS services for East Berkshire Clinical Commissioning Groups as a non-profit social enterprise. Our service covers Bracknell Forest, Slough, Windsor, Ascot and Maidenhead and includes urgent out-of-hours medical care.

EBPC takes pride in the high level of support for GPs we offer. We are constantly working to build and maintain strong relationships with our doctors so we can provide the very best working environment possible. By providing out-of-ours work for GPs, we allow doctors to achieve a better work-life balance as well as great opportunities to learn and develop.

To find out more about working as an out-of-hours GP with EBPC, please get in touch or feel free to take a look at our latest job opportunities.