Thoughts On Working As An Out Of Hours GP – Dr Tanvir Jamil

So you’re a newly qualified GP – congratulations!

You’ve passed the AKT, got through the CSA and even survived your slightly demented trainer.

What’s next for you? Like many new young doctors you’ll probably want to look around, do a few locums, think about a salaried position then possibly a partnership. Perhaps you’ve been a GP for a few years and are looking for new challenges or just want a change?

If you ask experienced GPs what they most enjoy about life as a doctor – they’ll almost all tell you it’s the patient experience that is the most rewarding. The other part of the NHS – the countless meetings, hitting targets, complaints, staff management etc .. they find less attractive.

So what if there was a job available that gave you all the rewarding stuff, but the admin and management was taken care off? What if you were well remunerated and supported by an experienced management team? What if you were given the chance to work with experienced GPs in the local area that gave you a chance of building up useful contacts for future jobs? What if you knew that the organisation would support you with more hands on medical staff if the work became very busy? What if you knew the organisation had excellent quality control and gave constructive feedback on your work? What if you had the chance to work from home on an advice line – even in your pyjamas if you wished? What if there was an excellent complaints procedure dealt with by a highly experienced GP on the team?

Well, the great news is, such a job DOES exist! If all that appeals to you why not join us here at East Berks out of hours? I am a local GP and have been working with EBPCOOH for over 15 years. I have a regular slot on a Sunday morning and I pick a few extra slots every month .. depends if I’m going on holiday or if the tax is due!

The team work is fantastic and my ‘EBPCOOH family’ are people I have known for many years at all levels in the organisation – GPs, trainees, receptionists, drivers, call centre staff and community nurses.

Even the ‘cuddly’ CEO’s not a bad fella!

There are many OOH organisations out there but the reason to choose EBPCOOH is that we are not for profit. The team and patients are our number one priority. There are no share holders to keep happy. If we need more staff at a clinic or on advice line or on home visits .. we get them!

So why not try it out? All you need to do is send your CV to, choose a regular slot or pick up different slots that suit you over the next few months.

I’m sure like me you’ll enjoy the experience!

Bye for now.